Woman rolling up yoga mat, just hands and feet showing.

Kristin, February 2018

Aimee led us in private restorative yoga sessions, in the lovely studio space she has there. This was a very special treat - I love yoga, but haven't been able to take classes in a few years due to disc problems. However, Aimee researched what yoga positions would work well for me, and I was able to enjoy yoga for the first time in years! 

Karen, December 2017

I took classes with Aimee in her lovely studio. She was a great, patient teacher who made my experience very enjoyable. I highly recommend her!

Kaya, March 2018

Aimee is fabulous, the space is beautiful, and the environment is very relaxed and welcoming. My favorite yoga studio ever.

Chelsea, November 2018

I took my preschool class on a field trip to East View Farm. We had a wonderful time. Aimee harnessed the group's energy and helped us to have fun while experiencing a wide variety of yoga movements. The kids said their favorite parts were going through human tunnels, being rocket ships and snakes.

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Yoga with Aimee

Aimee Parnell smiles and makes a heart mudra while teaching yoga outside in the summertime with trees behind her.

Aimée Parnell began practicing Iyengar yoga in 1999. After many years of self-guided practice and informal teaching while working on coastal wildlife conservation projects in Equatorial Africa, she obtained her RYT-200 yoga certification in 2014 at Shoshoni Ashram in Colorado. 

Aimée has taught gentle and vinyasa yoga at studios and health clubs, adaptive chair yoga at senior centers, yoga classes for beginners, partner yoga to expectant couples, and mindfulness and movement meditation to both high school and preschool students. She earned her prenatal yoga certification at Kripalu in October 2017.

Aimée's classes are heartfelt,  lighthearted, and accessible to all abilities and bodies. Props will be available to support safe and comfortable alignment. We will shape our body and breath as a moving meditation and conduit for positive energy. 

With a B.A. in Psychology, it is natural that Aimee's instruction includes elements of mindfulness-based stress reduction, an evidence-based program that offers secular mindfulness training to assist people with stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. She also includes EMDR exercises, as well as self-acupressure and self-massage techniques, having much benefitted from these healing practices in her own life. 

Cueing focuses on subtle adjustments to alignment, breath, and muscle engagement that bring the pose to the still point at the edge of ease and effort. Imagery and metaphor are drawn from the natural world. This will allow us to release blocked energy back into its natural flow.

 Through this process, we become more aware of our connection with nature and each other, develop compassion for all beings, and cultivate an awareness of our ability to direct the powerful energy that is woven between and within all things. 


Drop-in: $12

10-class pass: $100 (excludes workshops)

Private 1 hour class: $50

Purchase Class Credits

Bring a Friend for Five

Five friends practicing yoga together in the sunshine, arms on each others' shoulders.

Bring a friend to class for only $5! See you on the mat!

Our Studio

The yoga studio at East View Farm Vermont.

Newly renovated using ecologically sustainable materials, our studio is a warm, tranquil space for meditation and movement. 

Class Descriptions

Flow Yoga

Man practicing yoga Sirsasana headstand pose on beach.

This athletic yoga sequence includes challenging postures balanced with stretches to lengthen your tight muscles, breathwork to increase your vitality, and stress-release practices to calm your "monkey mind". Primal beats invite you to go deep into your practice and tune in to your body's intelligent edge.

Candlelight Yoga

Candles flickering with bokeh background.

Wind down your day with soothing sequences, relaxing music, and the flickering glow of candles.

Gentle Yoga

Three friends meditating outside on grass, backlit by sunshine.

Slow movement and stretching, with a conscious awareness on the breath, focusing on a theme or a specific part of the body. Adaptations will be offered to make this practice accessible to all.

Toddler Yoga

Toddler yoga class, two mothers and children practicing cat-cow pose together and being silly by howling like coyotes.

Join a community of mamas, parents, caregivers, and older (crawling) babies and toddlers up to age three, to stretch, share, and bond with your  active little sweeties. Safe and effective poses for all mamas from six weeks postpartum. We’ll include baby sign language, infant massage, partner yoga, music, and other fun activities, too!

Prenatal Yoga

Five pregnant women practicing yoga and holding hands in a circle.

Empowering yoga sequences that are safe for all trimesters. We'll prepare for birth and beyond, nurturing body, mind, and growing babies, with strengthening motion, calming breathwork, and soothing mindfulness meditation.

Baby & Me Yoga

Newborn baby feet being cradled by adult hands.

Join a community of mamas, parents, caregivers, and babies (newborn to  crawling) to stretch, share, and bond with your little ones. Safe and effective poses for all mamas from 6 weeks postpartum. We’ll include baby sign language, infant massage, music, and other fun activities, too! 

Family Yoga

Child practicing backbend on yoga mat.

This family-friendly yoga class is designed for children up to age 10 and their parents or caregivers. Explore and have fun with movement, rhythm, make-believe, music, stories, and emotions in a safe and welcoming environment. 

Rise & Shine Yoga

Woman practicing meditation by water, backlit by orange sunset.

Staying with us? Your visit at East View Farm includes a private 45 minute yoga session before breakfast! We'll discuss what you'd like your class to include before you turn in for the night, and you'll get to start your morning inspired and refreshed!

Private Lesson

Woman practicing yoga, doing child's pose on a deck by the water.

An hour-long private session will include poses and sequences tailored to fit your body's specific needs, and you'll receive a print-out of your personalized sequence to take home to continue your practice.


Drop-in Credit


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Good for one hour-long regular class.


10-Class Pass


($3.20 shipping)

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Good for 10 regular one-hour classes.


5-Class Pass


($1.60 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Good for 5 regular one-hour classes.


Private Lesson


($1.60 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Good for one hour of private instruction, which includes a print-out of your unique sequence for you to take home.


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